Sahaana Mukundan


Vignesh Gouthaman

Sahaana Mukundan and Vignesh Gouthaman

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Our Journey

They say music is a universal language that brings together joy and love with even the most distant hearts. Our love began with a serendipitous travel around the world.

Vignesh was born in Chennai on October 7, 1990 and grew up in Mumbai. Having studied through first year of college in Mumbai, his journey to Purdue University was rather unexpected. Sahaana, born in Chennai on February 8, 1992, moved to the United States of America when she was 4 years old. Having studied most of her school in Virginia, an out-of-state tuition to Purdue is the last thing her parents anticipated.

Although the journey they embarked on were wildly different, their passion for music brought them to an Indo-American music team at Purdue. And rest, as they say is history!

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